This site will be updated as and when for the

Summer fair which will be held on

Saturday 10th June 2017

Details of the Buckland Bounder are below:

Come and join in the fun by taking part in the
Buckland Bounder Run 2017

The Tavistock Stannary Brass Band

The Fair

Buckland Monachorum Summer Fair has been traditionally held on the second Saturday in June for many years and the event seems to have developed from an older Village event known as the May Revels. For many years the Fair was held in the grounds of Pound House and for years took place in the grounds of the village primary school, St Andrews. The organising of the day is undertaken by Groups and Charities within the Parish and all profits from the day are shared by these organisations.

This years Fair will be held in the Village street as a change of venue. Please click on the link below for further information:

The current committee consists of:
Chairman ~ Gary Baird
Secretary ~ Lisa Baird

Committee helpers:
Shirley, Jan, Celia, Barry, Jim, Garth, Lucy, Matthew, Bruce, Kate, John, Juliette, Big Dave, Stephen, and all newcomers are most welcome.

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Currently involved groups include;

Buckland Monachorum Playgroup
Buckland Monachorum Drama Group
St Andrew's PCC
St Andrew's PTA
Buckland Monachorum Village Hall
The Church Tower
Buckland Chapel